Celebrate Sagan Day

Carl Sagan

In honor of the birthday of late astronomer, author, and original COSMOS host Carl Sagan, November 9 is Carl Sagan Day! CFI, and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry in particular, had the honor of working with Dr. Sagan for twenty years. We celebrate Sagan Day to acknowledge his contributions to science and to making science more accessible to the general public.

Check out our resource page for ways your campus group can get involved, like hosting a COSMOS viewing party, Sagan lookalike contest, or science lecture. Get creative, and email us with your Sagan Day plans.

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The Course of Reason

Affiliate Group of the Week: Oregon State University Advocates for Freethought and Skepticism

November 17, 2015 CFI On Campus

We have another Affiliate Group of the Week that really came on our radar at this past summer’s Leadership Conference! (Hint hint, if your group hasn’t sent reps to a Leadership Conference, it’s a great way to make your group even better and get better connected with CFI On Campus.) Alex McFadden of the Oregon State University Advocates for Freethought and Skepticism gives us the low down on why he decided to leave religion, his group’s trick to handling campus preachers, and how he’s proud of his group’s positive impact on campus.

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A Rational Defense of Irrational Disbelief

November 10, 2015 Sam Farooqui

That atheists in general are painstakingly educated - by their own selves or otherwise - in theology and religion is not a brand new revelation to anyone even vaguely acquainted with them. As a South Asian ex-Muslim atheist of the diaspora, the experience of this was different for me than I saw it being for a lot of other atheists. Ultimately, what it helped me see was that the constant conflation of intellectualism and secularism is, in one word, incorrect, and in another, unnecessary.

Woman mosque leaving 

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Affiliate Group of the Week: Secular Student Alliance at the University of Texas at San Antonio

November 4, 2015 CFI On Campus

This week's Affiliate Group of the Week is the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The CFI On Campus team got to know three members of the organization—Jesse Silva, Jeffrey Anderson, and Jose Nieves—at the Leadership Conference this past summer. It deserves to be mentioned that those three spent days on a bus traveling from San Antonio, Texas to Buffalo, New York and back in order to attend the conference, which shows an incredible amount of commitment to making their group great. To learn more about this awesome organization, we asked Jose Nieves some questions:

UTSA SSA group photo

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CFI Affiliates in Florida Raise $10,000 for Suicide Prevention at Community Walk

November 2, 2015 Peter Wood

On Saturday, October 24, the Secular Student Alliance at Florida State University held an Out of the Darkness Community Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. SSA at FSU worked with the Center for Inquiry–Tallahassee to organize this event, the first of its kind in the city. The walk brought together over 100 participants and raised over $11,000 for the benefiting charity. For a first time event in a mid-sized market, the experience was a huge success.

SSA at FSU Suicide Prevention Walk 2015

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Affiliate Group of the Week: Stony Brook University Skeptics and Secular Humanists

October 28, 2015 CFI On Campus

SBU Skeptics and Secular Humanists giving out free books Welcome back to our Affiliate Group of the Week series! This week, we're highlighting a fantastic group that we really got to know when two of its members attended our Leadership Conference this past summer. We asked SBU Skeptics and Secular Humanists President Vinny Metas some questions about his group and his personal story with regards to freethought; this is what he had to say:

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